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  • New Black Classic Beanie Avocado Finns i fler färger
    149 SEK 299 SEK -50%

    Classic Beanie Avocado

  • New Black Classic Beanie Black Finns i fler färger
    149 SEK 299 SEK -50%

    Classic Beanie Black

  • New Black Classic Beanie Grey Mel Finns i fler färger
    149 SEK 299 SEK -50%

    Classic Beanie Grey Mel

  • New Black Classic Beanie Navy Finns i fler färger
    209 SEK 299 SEK -30%

    Classic Beanie Navy

  • New Black Classic Beanie Vintage Khaki Finns i fler färger
    149 SEK 299 SEK -50%

    Classic Beanie Vintage Khaki

  • New Black Classic Beanie Yellow Finns i fler färger
    149 SEK 299 SEK -50%

    Classic Beanie Yellow

  • New Black Wool Beanie Grey Mel
    229 SEK 449 SEK -49%

    Wool Beanie Grey Mel

  • New Black Baseball Cap Fire Red Finns i fler färger
    109 SEK 349 SEK -69%

    Baseball Cap Fire Red

  • New Black Corduroy Baseball Cap Black Finns i fler färger
    179 SEK 349 SEK -49%

    Corduroy Baseball Cap Black


New Black

Scandinavian simplicity, American urban culture, intelligence and an important sense of humour; these are the foundations of New Black’s unmistakable design. In only a few years, the Stockholm based company has gone from a small, first collection of five t-shirts to a successful, global brand, and is now one of the most exciting names in streetwear.

Never compromising with the DNA of the brand, New Black has maintained an impressive and loyal following of KOLs all over the world. Staying true to who you are and what you love will always be the new black.

Oh-Three-One, the city with no sun, sang rapper J-Son about his famously rainy hometown. Gothenburg, an industrial city on Sweden’s rainy and windy west coast, is known for its grimy climate, and no, we’re not only talking about the weather. But creativity has always thrived under cloudy skies.
The home to a vibrant culture of underground clubs and street art, Gothenburg has been the birthplace of many of Scandinavia’s most important artists.
Andreas Undén and Elias Gillberg met on the train tracks. Graffiti became the foundation of a 15-year-old friendship; and the creativity, humour and cheeky charm of graffiti is the foundation of New Black.

Founded by the two friends in 2011, New Black has become one of streetwear’s most exciting brands. What started with a small line of five t-shirts is now a full-scale fashion brand, the collections getting bigger every year and new sales markets added in a fast pace.

New Black is about communication. The original prints speak to rap stars, Hollywood actors and local heroes. New Black is a brand that starts conversations, worn by people who have something to say.
It’s visionary, with a love for nostalgia. The clothes carry memories from Gothenburg’s rainy train tracks, a childhood fascination for American, urban culture and the audacity to dream big in a small pond.